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  • An operatic tenor, Robert Bruce Scott provides unique performances accompanying his finely tuned voice with the Celtic harp, the classical guitar, and the mandolin.
  • To schedule a performance, call 317-709-9626 or send an email to robert@artiststudio.com


Photograph by Jennifer Landon

Robert Bruce Scott is currently a member of seven music ensembles:

il Troubadore – Indy’s 16th Century Rock Band (formed in 2004)

Joel Conner & Robert Bruce Scott – presenting the Music of Simon & Garfunkel (established 2009)

DR JAR – upbeat Country Dance and presenting the Music of The Eagles (formed in 2011)

Indiana Lounge Lizards – easy listening lounge music favorites (formed in 2015)

Robert, Joel and Amy – folk-rock classics – powered by acoustic guitars (formed in 2016)

Acoustic Ties – bluegrass and folk with 4-part harmony (formed in 2017)

Faerie Hill Gang – chant and house music (formed in 2018)


il Troubadore’s official band website is:   www.Troubadore.net

ilTroub2015Formed in May 2004, il Troubadore was conceived first as a classical ensemble designed for private parties and small venues. The name was chosen to reflect the early material – which included several Italian Bel Canto, operatic arias, and Irish and Scottish folk tunes. Initially, the band was a duo consisting of operatic tenor and mandolinist Robert Bruce Scott and master cellist and singer Jon Silpayamanant, Adjunct Professor of Music at Indiana University Southeast.

In addition to their chamber music material, il Troubadore quickly adapted to playing in larger clubs, adding rock, country, disco, jazz and folk covers from a broad variety of cultures as well as strong original material Klingons2that blends heavy metal, classical and world music influences. Their Middle Eastern flair attracted attention from Indiana’s rapidly growing belly dance community. Now dancers, as well as local and regional musicians accompany il Troubadore at many of their appearances.

In 2006 il Troubadore established an alter-ego as bom wi’ pu – the 24th Century Klingon Music Project. In addition to World Music Favorites, the band now presents intergalactic music as well and has presented panels on Exo-musicology.

Drummer and singer Ron Fife and Clarinetist Dianna Davis (also a singer and performs on accordion and flute) joined the group in 2015. Members Emeritus include drummers Scott Middleton, Dale Langdon and Paul Radecky, clarinetists Wendi Wampler and Leonie LeDuc, and oudist Andy Smith.


Singer and Guitarist Joel Conner began Presenting the Music of Simon & Garfunkel with Robert Bruce Scott in 2009. Joel sings the Paul Simon parts and reproduces Simon’s intricate guitar work while Robert presents Garfunkel’s intricate harmonies and powerful lead vocals.Joel&RBS Sept 2011


DR JAR formed in 2011 initially under the name Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (later iNdiana, later the Rocky Ripple Band.) The group’s current lineup is Robert Bruce Scott (vocals, guitar, keyboards, mandolin), Joel Conner (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Dave “Doc” Dougherty (voRRbandcals, guitar, keyboards), Amy Jackson (vocals, bass guitar) and Rick Ritter (vocals, drums).


DR JAR performs upbeat modern Country Dance music and also features a 2-hour presentation of the Music of The Eagles and also the Music from The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Members Emeritus include drummers Steven Sulkey, Paul Radecky and Ron Fife.


Indiana Lounge Lizards formed in 2015 to present easy listening lounge music favorites from Sinatra to Chris Issacs and more. The lineup is Robert BruceILL Scott (vocals, classical guitar, mandolin), Joel Conner (vocals, guitar), Amy Jackson (vocals, bass guitar) and Ron Fife (vocals, Latin percussion.)



Robert, Joel and Amy performing folk-rock favorites, featuring the unique harmonies of Robert Bruce Scott (12-string electric guitar), Joel Conner (and his treasured ’63 Gibson Dove guitar) and Amy Jackson (bass guitar).



Acoustic Ties began performing bluegrass and folk music in 2017, featuring 4-part harmony with Robert Bruce Scott (acoustic guitar), Joel Conner (banjo), Amy Jackson and Dave “Doc” Dougherty.



Faerie Hill Gang is developing chant and house type music for festivals that will include workshops as well as audience participation chants. Members include Terry Kok (keyboards, guitars), Odz Smith (vocals, flute, keyboards), and Robert Bruce Scott (vocals, Celtic harp, guitars, mandolin, keyboards).

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