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  • An operatic tenor, Robert Bruce Scott provides unique performances accompanying his finely tuned voice with the Celtic harp, the classical guitar, and the mandolin.
  • To schedule a performance, call 317-709-9626 or send an email to robert@artiststudio.com


Photograph by Dr. B.K. Scott

Since the age of 14, Robert Bruce Scott has been performing professionally as a solo guitarist and with a long line of bands in which he played at various times bass guitar, keyboards, lead guitar, drums, and was most often the lead singer. He studied voice at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma and graduated in 1985.

In 1989 RBS put together The Source to record an experimental rock album, Embryo, later released on a single cd with another album (see discography). In 1997 Robert put together another band, Three Trees, which released two cds (see discography). In 2002, he assembled the 16th Century Rock Band and released another cd, Bonnie Rose. After moving from Lawton to Indianapolis, he joined with Jon Silpayamanant in 2004 to create il Troubadore – Indy’s 16th Century Rock Band. In 2014, Robert joined the Rocky Ripple Band – later renamed DR JAR – as keyboardist.

Beginning in 2003, RBS has released eight entirely unique solo albums, each project distinct from the others and also from the albums he produced with The Source, Three Trees, The 16th Century Rock Band, il Troubadore and DR JAR.