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  • An operatic tenor, Robert Bruce Scott provides unique performances accompanying his finely tuned voice with the Celtic harp, the classical guitar, and the mandolin.
  • To schedule a performance, call 317-709-9626 or send an email to robert@artiststudio.com

il Troubadore

il Troubadore – Indy’s 16th Century Rock Band – established 2004

Robert Bruce Scott – vocals, mandolin, Celtic harp

Jonathan Silpayamanant – cello, vocals, percussion

Ron Fife – percussion, vocals

Dianna Davis – clarinet, vocals, accordion, flute

Scott Middleton – drums
Wendi Wampler – clarinet, dance
Paul Radecki – percussion, vocals
Leonie LeDuc – clarinet, recorder, trumpet

Availability – contact: mailto:robert@ArtistStudio.com

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