Robert Bruce Scott is a published author and provides writing, editing, beta-reading, coaching, and recorded narration for grants, contracts, business writing, educational/informational/promotional presentations and technical writing needs as well as fiction and non-fiction entertainment.

Follow this link for a sample of Robert’s non-fiction entertainment writing: https://robertbrucescott.blogspot.com/2020/08/281-microcosmos.html?view=flipcard

Follow this link for a sample of Robert’s fiction: http://www.adastrafanfic.com/viewstory.php?sid=2545&textsize=2&chapter=18

Follow this link for a sample of Robert’s writing coaching: https://robertbrucescott.blogspot.com/2021/04/247-economy-of-words.html?view=flipcard

Go to the Contact link to describe your writing, editing or narration needs and ask for a quote for writing/editing/narration services.

Follow this link to find Robert’s book of short stories, available at Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Wide-Awake-Staring-Readings-m-ebook/dp/B07BPDSPT7